As many of you know Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 17th.  My son always loves to make Daddy cards as well as the other men in our life too (Grandpa, Great Grandpa and more).  I will be enjoying the day with my husband and son (Which I think they will ditch me for golf but that is ok)!  I do miss my dad thought!  It has been 14 years since he passed away.

Father’s Day Golf Cup Cakes!  These are so cute and both my son and husband would love them… To bad I do not have time to make them!

Dad, You’re Worth Every Penny! Card.  This looks like a fun easy project for your kiddo’s to do!

Father’s Day Coupon Booklet. This one you can customize with your own coupons!

Father’s Day Fridge Magnet.  This one will need a bit more to make.

Trinket Box/tray.  The site for this one has several other cute ideas as well!

A pad for dad.  Cute little note book your child can make for dad.  You could even turn this into a card.


SnickerDoodle Kids Activities: Check out the “How To” for a Mother’s Day Bouquet!  This is a super cute craft to make for grandma or even just make with your kids!  Good for many ages too.


Woman’s Day: Curlicue Card

This looks like a very fun craft to do with your kids too.  If you have little ones you can still do this with them but might have to cut the strips for them.  If you you do not have any colored paper around, you can have your little one color the papers then use those!

Kaboose: Fingerprint Mother’s Day Cards

These are a cute fun project for those who love to finer paint.  I would say if you have nice weather like we do today…Get out side for this one!

Sweet Treat Flowers for Mom:

What you need:

Candy-Mom’s Favorites

Vase-You can use anything: Cup, vase, flower pot

Stem-Use a stick, pipe cleaner (what every you can find)

Flower-Have your children make a cute flower.. Grab out the glitter and more!

Do you have a Mother’s Day Craft Idea on your site?  Find a craft on another site you love?  Why not share it on the link list below!


Photo from Crafts & Sutch


Thanks to Crafts & Sutch, I am bringing you some super cute Printable St. Patrick’s Day lunch notes.  Just click on the picture above.  The picture will open in a new window.  Right click on your mouse and save to your computer.  You can then print them!



Back while teaching a bit I loved making File Folder Games.  For those who do not know what these are.  They are a great tool to use to teach kiddos lots of info.  We started using them on my son when he was about 2.  With these folders you can teach colors, shapes, alphabet , and more.  For the older kids you can teach Math, English, Science, and more.

What do you need:

File Folders, Laminate, optional velcro.

There is a great site called File Folder Fun (click HERE to visit).  This site is great.  They have so many already created.  All you need to do is print (color if you choose to print black and white) then attach to the folder.  I find that using laminate makes them last longer but you can glue too.  If you use Laminate, I found using velcro dots helps you keep track of the pieces.

For the Alphabet one above click HERE

These are great for those who want a jump start on teaching their kids, for those who need a little extra help, or for those who home school.


Craftily Ever After has this great printable for Thanksgiving!  You can save the image off and print to any size you need.  I would suggest not to go bigger than an 8×10.  It would be cute to put these in a 4×6 style and make a cute border and frame or even put on your guests plates!

Burplap Thanksgiving Printable


Hope you enjoy these super cute printable valentines! Just click on the name of the Valentine or the site name to take you to all the directions and printables you will need to make these!

Owl Be Your Friend Valentine’s Printables by Living Locurto

Cute Owl Printable Bookmarks also by Living Locurto

iPhone Valentine by Living Locurto

You Rock” Valentines by Living Locurto

Pillow Box Alligator from Skip to My Lou


I found so many great Valentine printables, I decided to do another posting this week!  Enjoy.  Just click on the link under each one to get the “How too”

Ladybug Valentine by Cindy at Skip to My Lou.

Cute coloring and dot-to-dot sheets by Erin at Vale Design.

The cutest valentines by Secret Agent Josephine

Pretty valentines by Rubber Punkin

Scratch Off Lottery Ticket Valentines by Skip to My Lou

Cute stuff from Paper Glitter

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