With Dr. Seuss Birthday just around the corner and the opening of The Lorax, how fitting to make a post that is all Dr. Seuss!

Free Dr. Seuss Printables

Visit 2TeachingMommies.com and check out all the great activities and printables on Dr. Seuss!  There so so many that I am saving off to make and do with Colin.

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With the 4th of July just around the corner… I found some great printables you can use for family fun as well as decorating too!  The “God Bless America….” is from Landee See, Landee Do and in sizes 5×7 and 8×10.  Find a white frame and you have a great decoration for your home!

The 4th of July Free Printable Bingo Cards come from Makedoodle and would be great game to play with the family!  I know Colin would just love this!  You can find some cheap buttons or just cut some squares out of paper or cardstock!

Did you like 4th of July Bingo Cards? Learn how to create your own celebrity bingo card.


Another great FREE 4th of July printable!  Grab the Free 4th of July Word Art from The Crafting Chicks. You can choose to print up to a 16×20 in size.

Visit Made In A Day to grab two great FREE 4th of July Printables.  These include cupcake toppers as well as a fun printable you can use to decorate your home!


Just like the blueprints one uses to build his dream house, a well thought out spending plan does show you where you are at a particular point in time and where you want to be. A household budget is the place where you spend your paycheck on paper before you even cash it. A good and realistic spending plan or household budget gives each and every dollar a specific job to do; from buying foodstuffs to making your monthly savings. Once the spending plan is structured the way you want it to be, it does become a very handy road map for keeping your finances on track. Here are some interesting budgeting tips for your household worth taking into consideration.

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that your plan is realistic and attainable. Refrain from making the plan too strict as this will discourage you from seeing your budget through. Always ensure that your budget allows you to have the basics with some extras. Don’t be too hard on yourself, try and ensure that you enjoy living even as follow your budget.


When making your budget, ensure that it captures virtually everything that you use your money on, this is especially so for those little things you indulge on a daily such as bagels, newspapers or magazines, coffee, taxis etc. You will be surprised at how much these small indulgences add up at the end of the month. As earlier mentioned, make sure your household budget captures every dollar you make and spend.

It is also best to avoid using both debit and credit cards as much as possible. The cashless aspect of the mentioned cards even though convenient, does make it difficult for users to account for each and every penny they spend. It is also worth mentioning that the use of these cards does encourage instances of overspending which does negate the very essence of household budgeting. Whenever possible, it is advisable to carry cash. When carrying cash, make sure you just carry what will suffice. Don’t walk around with huge sums of money as you may also end up spending it too.

With the advent of the internet and mobile commerce, it is much easier to get wonderful deals if you decide to go shopping. Contrary to popular belief, looking for bargains is not difficult and can save you a wad of cash in a very short period of time. For instance, the popularity of coupons has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. This is due to the relative ease with which one can get these coupons and the huge number of retailers and other related companies which offer coupons to their clients. Discountrue is a website that can help you a lot in this department. The discounts offered there can be quite substantial.

Finally, after making your budget and identifying your purchases, you should strive to make your purchases in bulk. Try and buy household supplies such as meat, some groceries, toiletries etc in bulk. Even though the price difference may look quite small on an item by item basis, the overall difference can be quite substantial when you start to crunch the numbers.

Whatever tips and strategies you may adopt, a household budget is just a piece of paper unless you have the will and determination to follow up the budget by making only the agreed upon purchases and managing expenditure as required.

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Well it is almost time to start thinking about those letters to Santa!  I have found a few places you can send free letters to Santa!  One will even get a response back!

Free Letters From Santa Claus:

Visit Free Letters from Santa Claus and choose 1 of 5 letters that you can create to print and give your child.  I suggest with these letters from Santa to put in your mail box after your mail is delivered so that your child will think Santa actually sent a letter!  You might find a stamp to use as a post mark.

Letter From Santa:

Visit Letter From Santa to create one of 4 letters from Santa.

  • Using our easy and fun online letter creator, you can customize a Santa Letter with your child’s name, hometown, friend’s name and more.
  • We have four unique letters to choose from and three color choices making it easy to personalize a letter for each of your children.
  • After you finish creating your letters, you simply download them to your computer to print out on your own printer.

Easy Free Santa Letter:

Visit Easy Free Santa Letter to create a Free letter from Santa.  You can create a free letter if you use the Standard options.  You can choose one of the Magical Letters for just $2.99.

  • Faster than magic Elf dust and as easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply point and click and you’ll receive your FREE printable Santa Letter instantly, personally addressed to your little one by the big guy himself. No waiting by the mailbox!
  •  Looking for something much more magical? For only $2.99 choose from our many beautiful designs to create a unique Letter from Santa Claus full of special details about your child that only Santa could know. Watch your child’s eyes light up brighter than Rudolph’s nose! Create yours today!

Free Letter From Santa Claus from Santa Clause Indiana (This one is free but I always include a few dollars to help with postage.  These are local volunteers that write these letters to the children.

I live just about 30 minutes from this town called Santa Claus, IN. (Yes there is such a place!) They have a great theme park there to open spring to the fall. Pretty much everything in the town has a Christmas Theme! All the street names, stores, etc. Pretty neat for the little ones. One of the places we visit is the Santa Claus Museum! When we are there we drop off our letter to Santa, in which he an his elf’s write back!

If you are not near Santa Claus, IN you can mail your letter to Santa. This is free, but they do ask for donations to pay for postage. Volunteers write the letters, address and stamp. I always include a few dollars to pay for postage on my letter as well as a few others. Above is the letter my son got last year! (Make sure you have your address somewhere on the letter so they know where to send back too!)

Letter Details:

Since 1914, children have had the joy of receiving letters from Santa Claus for free. To receive a written letter from Santa Claus, a letter with a legible return address must be mailed to:

Santa Claus
PO Box 1
Santa Claus, IN 47579

Every letter mailed to Santa Claus before December 21st, will receive a letter back from Santa Claus himself! The earlier you can send in your letter the better.

To help pay for postage, donations would greatly be appreciated. They can be sent to the address listed above as well.



I am such a list person and we will be doing a lot of our shopping at an outlet mall on Thanksgiving weekend this year.  I have found two great sites that have free printable Christmas shopping lists to help keep you on track and budget too!   The first is Organizing Made Fun where you can download the list above as well as a few others broken up into categories such as: Friends, Family and Work.


The second list comes from Spend With Pennies where you can download their Free Christmas Shopping List.  They have combined the list into one list that has two columns Friends/Families and Work/Neighbors/Teachers etc.  There is also a space for budget to keep you on track too!


October is here, and I thought it would be fun to share some Free printable Halloween Lunch Box Notes from around the web! With each just download and print. On my printer I set the quality to Fast Draft…still look great but with out using all my ink!

The first set (pictured above) comes from It’s Written on the Wall. It’s Written on the Wall has 24 great lunch notes plus a bonus everyday 12 lunch box notes all for FREE. To grab these (which they are too cute) you will need to like It’s Written on The Wall’s Facebook page and either send them a Facebook message or leave a comment with your email address. You will be sent the download link.

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It’s that time of year…School is either back in session or will be soon for you.  I know many are taking their lunch so I thought I would put together a fun little list of printable lunch notes.  Enjoy!


Head on over and visit Buttoned Up to score the free printable Lunch Notes.  These are too cute!!

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