With several birthday’s coming up and Christmas just a few months away… I am always looking for ideas for gifts. I am so going to do this one for the ladies in my family. DIY Mason Jar Manicure Kit found on Tidbits & Twine. She even shows how you can make the Mason Jar into a hanging lantern after use. This project will cost About $13-$14 (this includes the more expensive nail polish). Keep your eyes peeled at the Target $1 section as well as dollar tree. I know I have scored a ton of Clearance Nail Polish at local drug stores.

Visit Tidbits & Twine to get all the details and supplies needed to create this cute gift!



Do you have some cute/unique buttons laying around? Check out these super cute Button Bobby Pin’s that A Homemaker’s Journal made! All you need is a few supplies: buttons, bobby pins and a glue gun! Such a simple but cute idea! If you make any…do email pictures (dealwisemommy@gmail.com) and I will share you creations on Facebook.






Hi! My name is Kristin, from Forget Me Not. While Anne is away, enjoying a lovely vacation, I will be showing you how to create a fun hair pretty for the lovely little ladies in your life! With school starting, your little miss is sure to have some new outfits, which means she needs some new hair pretties to match. Accessorize from head to toe, we always say! Today, we will be creating a singed satin flower. I like to call these Silken Petals, as they are so soft and silky sweet!


DIY: Singed Satin Flowers


What you will need:

  • Satin fabric – Be sure it’s 100% polyester, or you could be facing a potential fire!
  • Cute button or beading for the center of the bloom
  • Scissors
  • Lighter or candle
  • Needle & thread
  • Small piece of felt, about 1-1.5” in diameter
  • Hot glue gun
  • Headband, alligator clip, or pin
  • Small cup of water – This is to use as a safety precaution in case your fabric ignites! ALWAYS err on the side of caution!


Start by cutting several circles of your satin, in all different sizes. The largest will be the approximate size of the bloom. The smallest circle should be no smaller than 1.5” in diameter. Ladies, let the OCD in you rest a bit and don’t worry about perfection when it comes to cutting your circles. In this case, imperfection gives you a bit more perfection in the finished product. :)


Once your circles are cut, you are going to need to singe/seal the edges. Take your fabric and hold it over the lit candle or lighter to curl/singe the edges of the circles. Be careful not to hold the fabric over the flame in one spot for too long or you could burn it! Here’s what your fabric circles should look like once you’ve completed that step:


Next, you are going to want to stack your circles to get the desired look. Start with your largest circle, and stack them from largest to smallest. Keep in mind, the more fabric you use, the fuller your finished piece will be. Don’t worry if you don’t use all of your circles. Just set them aside and use them for the next one.


Once you get them stacked how you want them, take your needle and thread and throw a few stitches in the center to hold them together. This is also the time to sew that button on or set of beads or whatever you choose to embellish with.


All that’s left to do is cut a circle from your piece of felt, and glue the bloom to the hot glue gun. Use the felt as a backing to give the bloom a little more support on the band.


I couldn’t possibly create this tutorial without giving you a heavy dose of adorable. Meet “K”, my sweet little cookie. Who HATES headbands. It’s a battle I have not yet given up on and am determined to win! ;)




A huge thank you goes to Deal Wise Mommy for giving me the opportunity to share this fun tutorial with you!! Have tons of fun creating and be sure to stop by my Facebook page to say hello! www.facebook.com/giftsforgetmenot

Don’t have a great day, MAKE it one!

~ Kristin ~


Flag tees

I am in love with this cute idea for the 4th of July (I know I am a little bit late).  At the local store I work at, Bean to Sprout, a fellow employee (Emily Dills) did this craft this week with the kids.  4th of July Hand Print Tee.

4th of July Hand Print Tee

Tee Shirt (white works best)

Fabric Paint (we used the tulip brand)

Paint Brush


1.  Paint your child’s hand and place on top left of the tee when lying flat.

2. Take a paint brush and let your child paint 7 red lines.

3. Allow to dry.  Wait 72 hours before you wash.


Do you know how to sew or know someone who does?  Well.. You will love the site Liberty Jane Clothing since they offer FREE sewing patterns for American Girl Clothing!  I know that anything American Girl Brand has a hefty price tag and I think it is great you can get FREE patterns to make clothing for the dolls at a cheaper price and in a style your little girl will love.  In fact, Liberty Jane Clothing offers free patterns for several other dolls too!

Check out all the FREE American Girl Clothing styles on Liberty Jane Clothing.  Make sure to sign up for their newsletter because you will get 2 free patterns signing up!

Free Swimsuit Pattern for Dolls

Free American Girl Doll Dress Pattern


With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I would search out some great sites with the how to on Homemade Halloween Costumes! I found one site that had so many choices for kids and adults. Coolest Homemade Costumes is fantastic! You can search by category and these are costumes submitted by fans.

My Favorite Costumes for Adults:

Image Credit:Coolest Homemade Costumes

This costume is the Coppertone Girl Costume. This is super easy and cute, but you must be in an area where it is warm for Halloween!

Image Credit: Coolest Homemade Costumes

LOVE this! Bag of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans! Seems pretty easy to make but might not be able to sit.

Image Credit: Collest Homemade Costumes

A Christmas Story! This one is super cute and seems very easy to make!

Image Credit: Collest Homemade Costumes

For all those little ones that are Mario and Luigi fans.. This costume is very simple to make!

Image Credit: Country Living

Hot Air Balloon Costume-Country Living has all the steps to create this one.

Martha Stewart Living: There are several cute animal costumes for kids. All the How-to’s are listed too.

Aug 222012

I am a huge fan of Pinterest but sometimes I find these cute projects and no luck on how to actually complete them!  I think at one time this item was sold on Etsy but not 100% sure.  By looking that the picture.. I have come up with a few ideas :)

DIY Jewelry Holder


Wooden block

Fabric or paper

Picture Hanger



  1. You will need to find a scrap block of wood.   The nice thing about this project is you choose the size of the holder.
  2. Wrap your block with either a fun scrapbook paper or fabric you find.
  3. add your hooks.  These should be the kind you can just screw in.
  4. add the picture hanger to the back and done!
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