With the 4th of July just around the corner… I found some great printables you can use for family fun as well as decorating too!  The “God Bless America….” is from Landee See, Landee Do and in sizes 5×7 and 8×10.  Find a white frame and you have a great decoration for your home!

The 4th of July Free Printable Bingo Cards come from Makedoodle and would be great game to play with the family!  I know Colin would just love this!  You can find some cheap buttons or just cut some squares out of paper or cardstock!

Another great FREE 4th of July printable!  Grab the Free 4th of July Word Art from The Crafting Chicks. You can choose to print up to a 16×20 in size.

Visit Made In A Day to grab two great FREE 4th of July Printables.  These include cupcake toppers as well as a fun printable you can use to decorate your home!


Looking for a way to show your spirit on July 4th?  Check out the two awesome FREE 4th of July graphics that 12 Months of Fun has released.  You can print these on transfer paper and add to your own tee!  I love the two designs (Flag & Star) they have for you to download for FREE!


With our temps at almost 90 in early May, I think it is safe to look for some water activities we can have a bit of fun with!  I just love how colorful these sponge bombs are!

Sponge Bomb Bucket Toss found on Inner Child Fun

Need: (All I think can be found at your local Dollar Store too!)

  • Sponges
  • Scissors
  • Zip Ties
  • Toe Nail Clippers to trim off excess Zip Ties
  • Buckets


The website did not really give much.  She did cut each sponge into thirds then used 9 strips per “Bomb”.  A reader submitted a suggestion to use toe nail clippers to cut excess zip ties. Just bunch them up (I did three rows wide & three high), and tie them up!  Add a little water and have some fun!

We had so much fun yesterday!  I had a bit of trouble find Zip Ties at my Dollar Tree so I headed over to Walmart and found them back in the hardware section.  We went with the longer clear ones which were a bit long…but the short ones would have been very hard to work with.


With the temps hitting 90 degrees this week… I did some looking around for some water fun.  I found some great ideas and wanted to make the one Simple Simon & Co but they did not have very detailed instructions at all.. So being that we are kinda handy.. We set off to Home Depot, and I am pretty happy with our results.  Colin loves it even more!  To make this fun project it only costs $8.00 or less at Home Depot (I am sure Lowe’s etc are similar).

We only used the glue on one piece so that we can easily store for next summer.  This beats buying the kid sprinklers in store that are pricey and seem to last only a summer or less!

*NOTE* I have the exact measurements for the PVC Pipe cuts… If your super friendly…Maybe you can get the associate at your Home Improvement Store to help you make those cuts (Save a bit of time and money if you do not have a saw).

Continue reading » PVC Pipe Water Fun For Less Than !!!

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday!!  I can not believe it is already here!  If you like me… I am stuck for ideas.. My husband says he does not want anything, but I want to do something.  Family Fun Magazine has some great ideas for dad!!
This Car Wash bucket would be great for any dad:
-Get a bucket
-Fill with cleaning items
-Let your kids decorate construction paper or foam stickers
- To glue these on I would use: Super Glue
-To insure the art will stay on.. I would use a sealant.  I know they sell some in a spray can.. You will have to do that part though
-You can do other ones too: Golf, Sports, Fishing, etc.
This is super easy to do: Trunk Tote
-Get a card board box.
-Cut hold out to put the robe in
-let the kids decorate
-Optional-Fill with items they might need on the road: First aid kit, flash light, Water, snacks, atlas.. etc
Mini Travel Kit:
Post it notes, pen, chap stick, playing cards, Family photo, Shout Wipes, gum.. Anything that would be good to have on hand.
-All items are contained in a plastic envelope.  You should be able to get this at Staples, Office Depot, Walmart..
Tool box Card/Gift Card Holder
This is super cute!  You might have to help the little ones with this one.
Make these super cute cupcakes!
You might have trouble with the black cupcake holders.. so you can use silver too!
Lots of the items are simple candy too!
My husband would love this cake!!  I am going to try my hand at this one!
You could make a smaller cake.. or even a round cake for this one if it is just a few of you who would be eating the cake.

All Recipes and Craft instructions can be found HERE



With Frozen being such a huge hit with a lot of kiddos, Spoonful has shared a cute craft every little girl will want to make!  Head on over HERE to learn how to make Elsa’s Snowflake Hair Barrettes.

What you’ll need

  • White glittered felt
  • Purple felt
  • Light blue felt
  • Small blue and purple rhinestones
  • Bobby pins large and small or barrettes of your choice
  • Hot glue or craft glue (hot glue should be used by adults only)
  • Scissors

Make sure to visit Spoonful to get the snowflake template and step by step directions.



Head on over to Spoonfull where you can grab two great free printable Dad Coupon Booklets which are great for Father’s Day (Sunday, June 15th).  These look too cute and would be a great gift from your kiddos!

Daddyland Coupon Book (Pictured above) is the first one you can download HERE.  This one is an PDF and is 3 pages to print.


The second freebie from Spoonfull is the Disney Father’s Day DadsPass!  These too would make for a great gift for Dad!  This is a PDF that is only one page.

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