If your like me… You have a TON of these plastic Easter eggs!!!  While looking around on my favorite craft site Meet the Dubien’s…I found Jill’s post on Easter Egg Maracas which reminded me that I made these a few years ago for a group of two year olds.  They loved them!!  (not sure if the parents loved me afterwards) but was a fun project we made together.

Easter Egg Maracas

What you’ll need:
plastic easter eggs (You can find these even at the Dollar Tree!!)
dried beans
hot glue – optional


1. pour some dried beans in the bottom of your plastic easter eggs.
2. put the other half back on – if you’re feeling crazy like me, switch up the colours.
3. if you think they close pretty tightly you may not want to or need to glue them. If small children will be playing with these or they don’t stay closed very well put a little hot glue on the seam before closing them. Allow to dry.



We are always looking to find new ways to dye our Easter Eggs and this one is on my list this year!  Bet they will smell great too!

KOOL-AID Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

2 env.  (0.13 to 0.16 oz. each) KOOL-AID Unsweetened Drink Mix, any red color (try Cherry, Black Cherry, Strawberry or Tropical Punch flavor)
2 env.  (0.14 oz. to 0.15 oz. each) KOOL-AID Unsweetened Drink Mix, any orange color (try Orange, Mango or Peach Mango flavor)
2 env.  (0.13 oz. to 0.23 oz. each) KOOL-AID Unsweetened Drink Mix, any yellow or green color (try Lemonade, Piña or Lemon-Lime flavor)
2 env.  (0.22 oz. each) KOOL-AID Unsweetened Drink Mix, any blue color (try Mixed Berry or Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade flavor)
1/2 cup  water, divided
1-1/2 doz.  hard-cooked eggs, cooled
MIX contents of 2 (same-flavored) KOOL-AID envelopes with 2 Tbsp. water in 6- to 8-oz. container; stir to dissolve drink mixes. Repeat in 3 separate containers with remaining KOOL-AID envelopes.
PLACE eggs on cooling rack in sink; rinse eggs with tap water.
SPOON KOOL-AID mixtures, 1 at a time, over wet eggs to create tie-dye patterns. Repeat with remaining eggs.
POUR a little tap water over each egg to set colors. Use tongs to transfer eggs to paper towel-covered baking sheet to dry. Rinse sink immediately as needed.

Looking for a way to incorporate the Real meaning of Easter with the commercial aspect? (I hope that is a good way to say it)… Check out the cute ideas Detail-Oriented Diva has with Peeps!  She even has provided the Free templates for you to print.

For all ideas you need:


Storage bags (Sandwich size)



NoBunny Loves You Like Jesus-this one is in Blue color above and a fun bright Pink.  You can even find the pastel color printables HERE.

“Chick” Jesus Out! See That the Lord is Good PSALM 34:8 Peeps Treat

This one only comes in the color shown but still super cute!

This one is just too cute not to post!  4 My Peeps Treat (You use your kiddo’s Thumb print to make the bunny!).  Detail-Oriented Diva!  Gives you the printable but you will have to make the bunny on your cards.. Pretty easy though!

Apr 142014

Looking for a fun way to color those Easter Eggs this year?  Check out this fun way I found on Family Fun: Tie-Dye Easter Eggs.

  • A colander
  • 10 hard-boiled white eggs
  • 1/2 cup of white vinegar
  • Vibrant food coloring (we used McCormick Neon Food Coloring)
  1.  Place several hard-boiled eggs in a colander in the kitchen sink and splash them with the vinegar.
  2.  Drip yellow food coloring on the eggs.
  3. Tie-Dye Easter Eggs - Step 3 Gently agitate the colander for a few seconds to help the color spread. Let the color set on the eggs for 30 seconds.
  4. Tie-Dye Easter Eggs - Step 4 Repeat steps 2 and 3 with up to two shades (any more and your colors may get muddy), allowing each to set for 30 seconds.
  5. Tie-Dye Easter Eggs - Step 5 After the last color has set, give the eggs a light rinse with water and let them drain for a minute or two. Air-dry them on paper towels.


Are you looking out for some activities to keep your kids engage this spring season? How about engaging them in making the Easter wreaths. This will be a great opportunity for your kids to contribute to the Easter celebrations. Engage your kids in making wreaths with bursting spring colored eggs, perched birds on a nest that are adorned on a rustic wreath. Wondering how to make it?

Here is the step-by-step guide to make the Easter wreaths:

  1. Buy a grapevine wreath, four-inch twig bird’s nest, Spanish moss, jute ribbon, raffia ribbon and cute artificial birds. Also buy around 3 dozen plastic eggs, brown acrylic paint and spray paint. You can buy them online from Wayfair craft stores. When buying the material, don’t forget to check for discount codes and coupons from Frugaa.com.
  2. If you will not spray paint the plastic eggs, they will look fake. Use soft pastel colors with a satin or matte finish. Some of the popular options are dusty pink, lemon yellow and robin’s egg blue. Separate the eggs in two halves and place them on the work surface. Paint them as per the instructions on the labels.
  3. Don’t forget to give the eggs a speckled finish. Dip the skewer in the brown acrylic paint and put the dots on the egg surface with the stick. The irregular the spotting, the better and natural it will look.
  4. Once the egg haves dry, snap the halves together. To make the eggs look real it is important to hide the seam by gluing the piece of narrow jute ribbon.
  5. Twist the vines in the grapevine wreath to make so that attaching the moss becomes easy. Place the Spanish moss around the wreath and tuck the moss in between the vines.
  6. Use a florist wire to thread it around the nest and neatly wrap it around the wreath. Place the Spanish moss back in the nest and tie it to the nest using the wire. Add the cute artificial birds in the nest.
  7. Neatly glue the eggs to wreath and arrange them in the same direction around the wreaths. It is best to arrange it in the counter-clockwise direction.
  8. For the finishing look, wind some raffia ribbon around the wreath.

Now, sit down with your kids and get going to enjoy making the Easter wreath and welcome the bunny.

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Looking for a few crafts or treats to make today for St. Patrick’s Day?  Check out some great ideas I found.

Fruit Loops Rainbow Math Printable found on Teaching Heart.

All you need is:

Fruit Loops (Or we get the Generic ones from Aldi’s because I love the taste so much more!)




Kids St. Patrick’s Day Hand Print Rainbow Craft found on B.Inspired, Mama!

You’ll need:
black construction paper
white construction paper
washable paint in rainbow colors
paint brush, water, and paper towels
all purpose glue
foil wrappers from gold coin chocolate candy
white paint pen (not pictured)
My son LOVES Mazes so looking around I found this Shamrock Maze on Disney Family Fun!  You can choose to download and save to your computer or print right away!

St. Patrick’s Chocolate & Mint Cheesecake Bars found on All Recipes


  • 1 (18.25 ounce) package chocolate fudge cake mix with pudding (such as Betty Crocker® Triple Chocolate Fudge cake mix)
  • 1/2 cup butter, softened
  • 3 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened
  • 1 (16 ounce) container cream cheese flavored frosting (such as Betty Crocker® Rich and Creamy)
  • 3 eggs
  • 6 drops green food coloring, or as needed
  • 3 drops creme de menthe candy flavoring (such as Wilton®), or as needed
  • 1 (10 ounce) package dark chocolate and mint chips (such as Nestle® Toll House® Dark Chocolate and Mint Morsels)

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbows found on Our Best Bites

You’ll need Rolos, Rainbow Twizzlers, crafty cellophane treat bags, and green ribbon.

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