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Reviews and Testimonials

Want to generate buzz about your products? Deal Wise Mommy is a perfect place to get buzz spinning! I have many readers of all ages and in many different locations. Many of which have children too. I have a 3 year-old boy myself, but lots of little girls in the family.

I would love to review products and post my opinion of it here on the blog. This is a family oriented site so I would prefer to review products that are suited for my viewers and my family.

Prize Giveaways

Want to bring more traffic to your site? Giveaways are best at doing just that. Plus, my readers love giveaways! Really, who doesn’t? I generally run giveaway sign-ups for 5 to 7 days. Winners are chosen by to make the results fair. I keep a record of all winners.

To promote the giveaway I will; have a posting on the blog, have a text link under the buttons at the top of the blog, will promote on Facebook!  I will post on the 1st day as well as the last day to enter (Only) As for the item for giveaway, if you would like a first person review or testimonial of the item, I would require one for myself (Which I keep) in order to give an honest review. I prefer that you cover the cost of shipping for the giveaway.

A bit more about how a Review & Giveaway Works: (Giveaway item must have a value of $30.00 or more)

Here is how the giveaway’s reviews work:
1. With the giveaway/review you send me one or more items to review in which I keep. (REQUIRED)
2. Then with the giveaway… You can choose one or more to giveaway. You can have the winner chose their item or you can. Any is fine with me 🙂
3. I run the giveaways for 1 week. I use to pick the winners and I store all entries using google docs.
4. With the giveaway.. I have them visit your store and pick their favorite item.
5. Extra Entries for the giveaway I have them Heart your store or anything else(Facebook, twitter..etc)

If you are interested in a product review/giveaway
please email me:

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