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I found another great teacher gift idea on Gift Card Girlfriend which was adapted from Family Fun. Gift Card Plant Teacher Gift. This one would be great if you know a few mom’s in the class. You could go in together and get a few fun gift cards for the teacher!!

Gift Card Plant Teacher Gift


Plant (There are so many fun colorful plants out right now in my area!!) Loving the Gerber Daisy colors!

Gift Cards

Flower Templates

Bamboo Skewer



  1. Make the Flower Gift Card Holders
  2. Insert Gift Cards
  3. Insert into plant

Ideas to write on the flowers:

  • “Thanks for all your hard work” – gift card to Home Depot, Staples, etc.
  • “You’re so much fun” – gift card to the movies or video store.
  • “You’re our favorite” – gift card to her favorite place, free choice card!
  • “Thanks for keeping your cool” – gift card to the ice cream store.

Today is all about the gift cards for teacher gifts. This one is super simple that will be pretty easy to make. Printable Thanks “a latte” Gift Card Holder was found on Skip to My Lou! They used a Starbucks gift card but if you do not have one around… but have another Coffee Shop… Will work perfect as well.

Printable Thanks “a latte” Gift Card Holde

what you’ll need:

  • 5×7 thanks a latte print found here
  • a coffee sleeve
  • white or kraft cardstock
  • twine
  • stapler and double sided tape (or other adhesive)
  • gift card for starbucks (or other coffee house)
how to put it together:
  • attach the print to a 5.5″ x 7.5″ piece of cardstock
  • trim the coffee sleeve to 4″ wide (cutting with the corrugated lines)
  • place a piece of double sided tape to the very bottom of sleeve and attach to print
  • staple sides of the sleeve and insert card
  • tie some fun twine around your gift
**for extra fun, place the card inside of a paper pastry bag and hand out to all of those well-deserving teachers.

I found this really great Twig Frame Art on What Are You Doing Today Mom


  • Frame
  • Sticks
  • Glue
  • Paper

Directions: (note these are mine since the site did not have any).

  • Take a piece of paper (Cardstock would be best).. You can either write the phrase or type on your computer and print out. If you print…Leave space to make the “A”.
  • Phrase: “To the uneducated an “A” is just three sticks” –Winnie the Pooh (A. A. Milne)
  • Break sticks and arrange into an “A”. Glue on to paper
  • Add Sheet to frame and wrap.
  • To the back of the frame, I would add a paper (note) saying your child made this and year.


DIY Crayon Monogram found on Chic & Cheap Nursery


Print your letter out on a scrap piece of paper.
Arrange crayons over letter.
Cut crayons individually to length using a sharp knife and cutting board.*
Glue crayon pieces together using a glue gun.
Then glue the crayon letter to a nice piece of stiff paper.

Add a cute saying for their teacher

*diy tip: When you’re making the straight cuts it helps to roll the crayon under your knife to score it all the way around, then it just snaps in the center leaving a cleaner cut. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with the slanted cuts.

I just love this Teacher Gift Idea which allows you to have fun putting some fun summer favorites for your teacher!! Pretty easy for those who were not blessed with the crafty hand/talent!

DIY Simple Teacher Gift found on Thoughtfully Simple

– IZZE soda box plus in one of the sodas

– vanilla frappuccino bottle

– bundle of striped paper straws

– small glass bud vase ($1.99 at Target) filled with yellow mini button flowers

– Starbucks biscotti and package of fruit and nuts trail mix (not pictured above)

– $10 Starbucks card

-Scrapbook paper to cover box

After covering the box, Print out a paper that read “enjoy summer” and glued it to the front.

Loving this idea so much!! Again this is a simple idea that you can fill with any brand. I know in the picture they used Essie Nail Polish which can run about $8 a bottle… You can find nail polish in any budget.. I love getting Wet N Wild since it is cheap and I can get lots of colors!

Summer In A Basket found on Dandee Designs


-Sparkling Clementine Izze (or drink of choice)

-a striped straw,

-Essie polish (or any brand will work just the same!!)

-a Barnes & Noble gift card (Or any Gift Card)

-and my favorite summer snacks

Mini bushel baskets- Hobby Lobby on sale for .64 cents each
Mini chalk boards- Jo Ann’s
Bamboo cones- Garnish


I love these cups and napped a great deal several weeks ago on one and plan on doing a fun little gift like this one for Colin’s teachers!

Creative Juices Cup Teacher Gift from Tatertots and Jello

  • Print off the printable HERE.
  • Cut out the tags.
  • Punch a hole in the corner of the tags and string ribbon through.
  • Have your child sign their name.
  • String the tags through the ribbon and tie on the cup.
  • Fill the cup with candy and a gift card.

On Lisa Storms, I found another variation on the teacher gift in a cup idea! The cups are so practical and easy to stuff with some goodies inside!

What you need:

  • Cup
  • Drink Mixes (I love Crystal Light!)
  • Hand written note from your child (Or picture if they are not writing yet)
  • You can download the Printable Flag gift tags HERE
  • (Optional) If you want to include more.. Add a gift card!


Check out this super cute teachers gift that can be done for just a few bucks. I think the most expensive part is the Chalkboard Paint.

Chalkboard Pot & Scrapbook Paper Seed Packets found on Vale Design

1. Pick your scrapbook paper. We chose two kid school inspired designs.

2. Make your seed packets from this free downloadable PDF {1 packet per 8.5×11 page} or this reduced in size free downloadable PDF { 2 packets per 8.5×11 page}.

3. Pick your seeds. We chose Four O’clocks and Sweet Pea. {Be aware of the final plant height!}

4. Spray paint Chalkboard Paint on the pots. Can be found at a craft or home improvement store. One can covered all 18 pots easily.

5. Optional: We used sisal to tie all the elements together and finished them off with a corner rounder.

**Bonus because I am feeling good today! Here is a free downloadable PDF version of the kraft paper tags to include in your kit. {May take a minute to load} There are 8 tags per 8.5×11 page. Tie the tag in with the seed packets or punch a hole in the top and tie with some ribbon or sisal. Have fun and get creative!

Thanks Vale Design

I love this idea but you will need access to the classroom with out the teacher being there…but if this is possible I think your teacher will LOVE this gift.

Hand-Stamped Tote found on A. Party Style


  • Tote or Canvas Bag (This one was bough by A Party Style at JoAnn Fabrics)
  • Paint
  • Back permanent marker


Pretty simple… Just paint the kids hands and press on to tote. Then sign the kids names under their hand print.


If your teacher loves to cook you have to check out this article from Jane’s Kitchen about the Best Food Processors Reviewed.  Jane’s Kitchen reviews 10 food processors with the pro’s and cons!


For those who might not be too crafty this sweet Teachers Wisdom Inspire Bracelet from That Sweet Gift would be a great gift for a teacher!  And the price is right  at under $10!

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