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With our temps at almost 90 in early May, I think it is safe to look for some water activities we can have a bit of fun with!  I just love how colorful these sponge bombs are!

Sponge Bomb Bucket Toss found on Inner Child Fun

Need: (All I think can be found at your local Dollar Store too!)

  • Sponges
  • Scissors
  • Zip Ties
  • Toe Nail Clippers to trim off excess Zip Ties
  • Buckets


The website did not really give much.  She did cut each sponge into thirds then used 9 strips per “Bomb”.  A reader submitted a suggestion to use toe nail clippers to cut excess zip ties. Just bunch them up (I did three rows wide & three high), and tie them up!  Add a little water and have some fun!

We had so much fun yesterday!  I had a bit of trouble find Zip Ties at my Dollar Tree so I headed over to Walmart and found them back in the hardware section.  We went with the longer clear ones which were a bit long…but the short ones would have been very hard to work with.

  • Julia

    Why can’t you use just rubber bands?

  • dealwisemommy

    I guess you can. They might break so that is why i think that this why they I think they used twist ties.

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