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As you might know.. I am a Harry Potter fan!  Most of the merchandise is super expensive and have to order online.  Today Colin and I got some magnet paper and searched the web for our favorite images (the 4 houses, Hogwarts Castle, Hogwarts Crest and more).  Below are the links to the Sticker/Magnet Sheets I made.  Just click the image and save off.

Here are several other crafts that we will be creating in our home!

Marauders’ Map!  Click HERE for the printable and instructions!

Make your own Paper Wand with a piece of paper, glue gun and paint!   The step by set instructions can be found HERE.

Hagrid’s Hut.  This is a fun little paper craft!  Find all instructions and PDF HERE.

Make a Golden Snitch Paper Craft find the PDF HERE.

Wizzard’s Hat-Grab the PDF with instructions HERE.

  • HP4EVA

    I need a mauraders map!!! Ahhh! But I don’t have parchment paper and I have tried soaking the paper but the rip.

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