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I found so many great ones, that I am having to do another post!

Chocolate Frog Boxes!  They even have a template you can use!  Click HERE to get the template and how too!

Learn how to make Pumpkin Juice!  Find Two Recipes HERE.

Learn how to make Hot or Cold Butterbeer!  Find the recipes HERE.

This is a cool little craft to make the look of the Spell Books that would be found in the Harry Potter Series!  Find out how HERE.

Luna Lovegood fan?  Learn how to make her Dirigible Plums via Looney Luna’s HERE.

The website Magical Desktops is a fantastic place to go for Iron On Transfers and so much more!  We are making Tee’s with the Quidditch logo!

These are super cool coins!  Make the coins like you would use in the world of Harry Potter HERE.

This Harry Potter cake is just to darn cool!!!  I want one!

  • Judy workman

    That is all very cool!

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