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My son and I love to make crafts/art projects.  Many of the items used to make these are from the Dollar Tree!! Love that place. 

Here are a few cute ideas your young one can make for everyone for their presents!

1.) This is a Santa Hand Print Ornament.  All you need is tempra paint, ribbon, hole punch, and construction paper, and paint brush.  This one is pretty easy… Just paint child’s hand and stamp on paper!  We wrote “Christmas 2009, and Child name and age)
2.)The Rodolph ornament.  This is so easy and cute too.  All you need is Popsicle sticks, googly eyes, and for the nose we used the foam stickers but you can use a maker, construction paper, pom pom, and you need glue.  Form the sticks into a V and glue.  Put the 3rd stick over and glue. Glue on eyes and nose.. (on the back we put the year and child’s name).

A few of my other favorite projects we made were:
1.) Loofah Painting.   We used cheap loofah’s and you dip them in paint (we used red and green) and them stamp away on paper.  This can be messy so put down newspaper.
2.) Christmas tree.  I cut out a pattern of a Christmas tree and used the Paint Dabbers.  These are so cool.  Micheal’s has them for $10.00 use the high valued coupons and get them for $5.00 or less. These were scented too! We also did the Penguin too with these.
3.) Stocking.  This was a great lacing project.  Just cut out a stocking pattern.   Let child decorate with Stickers, markers, glitter etc.  Then hole punch all around and help them lace yarn around! 

For more great projects and printable templates I love this site:
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    The Santa Ornament is adorable! 

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