Mar 252011
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I know several of you are interested in taking part in a kids book exchange.  I tried to email you on Facebook….but Facebook flagged me for sending to many emails… So I figured this would be the best way to keep track of names etc.  All the details are below and enter your info in the form if you want to partake.  I can use this info to share with others too if they do want to participate but not enough names to send to.

Important Info:

-You will only send out one book.

-If you have more than one child….I would list all their names and ages.  I would only expect one book but helps others to have a range of ages to choose for.

-Send the letter to 6 people.  (If you need help getting 6.. I will try to help if I have names to pass around)

-If you decide to do this and can not.. make sure to contact the person who sent it to you..There will be a place where email addresses can be added

Hi!  If you are interested in the book exchange here is a bit more info below.  I will keep a list for those who decide who want to go forward with this.  I know I need a few to take part in my sendings.. then my friends I am choosing also need some names. So if you do not mind sharing your info.. I will pass it along.. If you get this and need names contact me too.

This is the letter (not all but some of it.. If you decide to partake.. you will get the whole letter):
This is a book exchange.  Send one book to the child listed to #1. …Be sure to include your child’s age and their name.

There is a part if you decide not to do this you can contact the sender by email so then he/she can send to someone else to keep this going.  Your child should get 36 new books if this follows through.  You will need to send this letter out to 6 of your friends.
My friend Lisa who is a Usborne Consultant said she has lots of books on her site that can be bough and shipped for less than $10.00.  This for some is great saves a trip to the store as well as post office too! and click on the Chain Letter link to the right.  You can choose to see books that are $5.00 or less too.



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