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Remember the review I did for Ear Band-It… Well if you took a look around at their site you would have found they sell many other great products!  Bandette is a super cool product for parents who have kids with allergies or have medicine in their cups.  I can remember one time while at work (when I worked outside the home) one of my co workers grabbed a water bottle she thought was hers.  Little did she know it was not hers and contained Miralax.. Enough said… she was not very happy all afternoon.  There is where the Bandette would be very nice to set your bottle apart from others.  These would also be great for kids who have allergies.  You can write their name and allergy on the band so they do not get the drink they can not have.  I use mine so I know my sons cup.  I have been to so many play dates where there are several of the exact same sippy cup!

Bandette Retails for $7.95 for 3 bands!

•Simply use a non-toxic ball point pen to write their name, date, allergies or any other pertinent information on the unique “name plate”. Pen markings can be rubbed off and changed daily, or made long term by boiling or dishwashing the band with the desired writing left on.

•Bandette cup labels are dishwasher and microwave safe. (Just remember, before dishwashing, rub off the information that you do not want to remain long term.)

•They fit most cups and bottles (even small containers and adult cups!)

•They are completely reusable and easily moved from one cup to another.

•They make children’s cups easier to grip.

Made of non-toxic material that meets FDA standards for plastics that come in contact with foods.

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