Looking for some last minute but easy homemade Halloween costume ideas? All of these should be cheap to make too!

Homemade Lego Family Costume found on My Plain View

The base of each costume consists of a solid color jogging suit, gloves, and knit hat. The “LEGO” portion of the costume consists of a large box, (our son’s box was actually an empty soda case) that we cut holes into (6 for the adult costume, 4 for the child costume). We then pressed butter bowls through from the inside and secured them on the inside using strips of duct tape. We also cut a hole in the top for our heads, and holes in the sides for our arms.

Once the costumes were constructed, spray paint the boxes red, blue, and yellow.

Jelly Bean Costume found on My Plain View

For the bag of the Homemade Jelly Belly Halloween Costume, I used a large, clear trash bag. I cut holes in the bottoms of the bags for our legs. Inside are obviously just balloons of different colors. I tied the bag around the neck with colorful ribbon and printed out a label from the Jelly Belly website and taped it on.

I might suggest just having the bag stop at your waist instead of cutting holes in the bottom for both legs. It was mighty time-consuming for restroom visits.

Human Pinterest Board fond on Parties for Pennies

Supplies: Cork Board (or just card board), Ribbon and printed pictures..Push Pins if use Cork Board

This one is pretty easy to create.. Just have fun with it!

Pac Man (found this one on Pinterest but could not find the original site

With this costume.. Wear all black and cut out a Pac Man shape and Two Yellow Dots. Just tape on to Shirts.. Pretty Easy!

Meg from Family Guy

This Meg Griffin from Family Guy Halloween costume was pretty simple. I found a pink shirt as close to Meg’s shirt color as possible. I sewed a white t-shirt underneath (so the white part of the sleeves wouldn’t slide back under). It took a while, but I finally found a pink hat that was almost the exact color as the shirt. Both the shirt and the hat were from Walmart, I believe. The glasses were a pair of “hippie” sunglasses from the Halloween store. I took the lenses out and painted them black. The last step was pin my hair under (my hair is much longer than Meg’s) then put on a pair of jeans and tennis shoes that I already owned. Voila! Meg Griffin!

Bunch of Grapes (another Pinterest find…not linked back)

My mom made a costume similar to this for my sister and brother one year.. Super simple!

Need: Purple or Green Balloons. All purple or green clothing. Safety Pin



There are so many new parties! For those who have no idea what I am talking about (it’s ok.. you will now :) and will be happy you do), HouseParty.com works with brands and allow their users to apply to host parties for free in their home. If selected for these parties, you will be send a box full of goodies to use at the party and share with your guests. They like your guests to fill out survey’s after as well as you too! Pictures are great to share on the site too!

The newest party is a Wineheart Girls’ Night in Holiday Party. The party date is November 22, 2014. They will be choosing 500 to host.

Host a Wineheart Girls’ Night in Holiday Party

Invite the girls over this holiday season to fall in love with Wineheart. This unique blend of wine, cream and natural flavors creates a one-of-a-kind flavor medley that crafts a memorable experience. At your Wineheart Girls’ Night in Holiday Party, you and your besties will get to try some of the 12 delicious Wineheart varieties, like Chocolate Strawberry crème, Mint Chocolate and Cookie Dough (OMG, yum!), while also discovering how they’re perfect for dozens of cocktail and baking recipes. Plus with everyone bringing their own decadent desserts, a fun photo booth and spending time with those who matter, everyone is sure to have a night to remember and fall in love with Wineheart.

If selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Gift card to use for your party
  • Wineheart aprons
  • Wineheart cups and napkins
  • Wineheart magnets
  • And more!

In order to apply or host this party you must certify: I am a United States resident who represents and warrants that I am at least 21 years of age and live in one of the following States: MN, TX and WI

Please drink responsibly. © 2014 VVinehe rt, Wilson, WY 14% Alc./Vol.

State laws do not allow us to provide alcoholic beverages to our hosts. Keep the number of your local cab company handy — no drinking and driving. Please Drink Responsibly.


Are you looking for a cute way to share Halloween treats with someone special? I saw this idea on another blog and thought I would share! It’s called “You’ve Been Boo-ed!!“. What you do is visit You’ve Been Boo-ed! website and print the cute little note above. Fill a bag or cute container with Halloween Goodies (include the note)… You then visit the recipiant and ring their door bell and RUUUUUNNNN! They open the door and all they see is the treats!

I want to do this for a few of our friends but their houses take a bit to get to them since they have big front lawns. We have never been Boo-ed but I am sure my son would love it! Have you been Boo-ed??? Or have you Boo-ed anyone?


$1.00 off any ONE (1) EcoTools Product

Head on over to Coupons.com and grab the coupon to save $1.00 off any ONE EcoTools product.  Then head on over to Walmart and look for the EcoTools smaller sponges that are priced around $.87!  Which means with the coupon you will score this one for FREE and have a little extra to take off your bill too!


EcoTool’s Small Sponge $.87

Use the $1.00 off any one EcoTools product

Final cost: FREE with a $.13 overage

Thanks Hip2Save

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